Reception - Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Literacy - The Frog Prince (Monday)

The Frog Prince is our brand new class story. We are going to be looking at it for the next two weeks, so make sure that you familiarise yourself with it!

Maths - Combining 2 Groups (Monday)

Today we will be looking at some brand new learning. Don't worry if you find it a little bit tricky at first, we will have lots of practice this week!

UW - The Lifecycle of a Frog (Monday)

Watch this video, and then explore the other resources, to find out all about the lifecycle of a frog.

Maths - Combining 2 Groups (Tuesday)

Today we are going to keep practicing combining two groups. You are doing a great job so far Reception, keep it up!

Maths - Adding More (Wednesday)

Today we are going to play a number track game. We are still going to be practicing our combining number skills, but also have a little look at adding more.

Maths - Circles and Triangles (Thursday)

Today we are going to be refreshing our learning about circles and triangles, in preparation for doing some more shape work next term. Have fun!

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